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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Mother's MONTH To Those Who Hurt

Happy Mother’s MONTH to you moms with special needs kids. And to you who have challenging kids. Forget that…happy mother’s day to ALL you ladies with kids who hurt.

Because mothering to me is about as beautiful as, well— God. BUT some days mothering is as hard as sweating through an ironman without sleeping the night before (not that I have done that…but I can only imagine.) And sometimes as painful as licking hot sauce after burning your tongue. This I have done.

Mothering hurts.

I know lots of you, and I have read about many of you, who are stuck, who are shut inside without help, who are searching always for ways to make things better for your child, for you, for your family. 

I know about you who are without available spouses, you who cannot find educators to take time for your child, you who cannot find the money to get the next service that somebody said might help your boy or your girl. 

I know about you who are ashamed, you who have tried so many services that you are confused and lost and hopeless. I know about you who are scared, you who need more time for yourselves, you who sometimes want to give up. I know about you who are tired. I know about you who looks at the next mom and the next and thinks that she's doing a better job than you are. I know about you. You are not alone.

Your journey is a good one. Your footprints are deeply imbedded into the earth, into the heart of vulnerable child. Your marks will never be buried. Without them, your special child might not fly. Without you, your child would not be.

So I extend a giant sky-sized hug, and a tremendous upside-down, rainbow smile to each of you moms who feels for your child, fights for your baby, experiences his or her tears that drip deep into your own body. It hurts. It is love. Drink it up knowing that it is good, and that your hurt is not felt alone. Your hurt means that our children are embraced. They are not walking solo.

Our pain, our love, and our endless connection to our babies is the great, great swing that they balance on. They sail through this world, able to smile eventually, climbing to the highs, past the deep places they go because you and you and you and I are here. We are here with them. Always.

I love you moms!


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