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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Why Write When Life is Chaos?

I'm an artist. I went to Syracuse University and studied Communications Design. I used to make money selling illustration work and graphic design services. Truly I sold my problem solving skills and my creativity. I could take any product or image and create or recreate it...Or I could take an "idea" of a company and change it.

Today I don't make any money (I rely on my husband for income) but use my creativity to solve daily problems and change results, such as, this week: 1) How to prevent my son Thomas from harming a sibling before I wake at 6AM, 2) How to prevent my son Thomas from making a sibling scream in frustration and agony on the way into the car, while I'm trying to go to the bathroom, before school starts, 3) How to prevent my son Thomas from spinning out of control and hurling our new laptop into the fireplace because he didn't win his favorite prize for earning 50 "good behavior" points (before school.) 4) How to prevent my son Thomas from eating all of the sugar food in the house before I get to the kitchen to make my morning tea.... That is NOT an example of a GOOD morning in our house, but it isn't completely abnormal, either.

I guess that you could call me a "constructivemama" Using my problem solving, creative mind, I construct scenarios in my household to ensure that at least all of the children are safe and (relatively) sane, and at best they are all having fun and feeling loved. Some would say our household is crazy, but I'm very aware that we are living out a blessing. To me, a blessing means that God has given me, my husband, and my children this situation, these challenges and these tasks for a reason. Love rules our household. Our life together is a gift that I can choose to receive, or I could be too busy to notice. The coolest things is, that if I acknowledge the gift...if I drink it up...then I can share it! There are so many learning experiences and blessings to share!

Also I recognize that in order to be in the mindset where I can share my blessings, God has given me an instrumental person who has loved and supported me, learned and suffered with me-- I have the best husband whom I NEVER dreamed of. I don't know why I have been given such a person to share my life with. I do not deserve him. But without him I'm quite sure I wouldn't be half as sane and alive as I am today.

I'm starting this blog mostly because I want to share our struggles, which are our blessings... it is hard for me to find a way to explain what I am learning in my somewhat isolated, chaotic and very busy world... Mostly isolated is what I feel...But if our family's struggles with our special needs child can provide comfort and wisdom to another family, then AGAIN we are blessed. The more that I learn about this world of raising and loving a child with special needs, the more that I understand how much sharing, community and simple love matter.

Life is a miracle! br/>

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